Assay Automation Ability – Lyophilized reagents for in vitro whole blood assays

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Utility of lyophilized PMA and ionomycin to stimulate lymphocytes in whole blood for immunological assays

Belouski, S. S.*, Wilkinson, J.^, Thomas, J.*, Kelley, K.*, Wang, S.-W.*, Suggs, S.* and Ferbas, J.* (2010), . Cytometry, 78B: 59–64.

doi: 10.1002/cyto.b.20492


The need to implement robust biomarkers in clinical trials has never been greater, and such efforts can be easily compromised by reagent instability or simple human error during assay set-up. Many biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are introducing efforts to conduct biomarker studies under more rigorous settings, and the use of plates or tubes pre-loaded with stimulation or staining reagents could be of value for studies that involve flow cytometry.

Author Information:
* Amgen Inc., Department of Medical Sciences
^ Beckman Coulter Inc., Custom BioPharma Group, Miami, Florida (author Julie Wilkinson current address is ImmunoSite Technologies, Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Email: John Ferbas (
*One Amgen Center Drive, Mailstop 30E-3-C, Thousand Oaks 91320-1799, CA
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