Feasibility study: Improving Cryopreservation of PBMC for More Reliable Information From Clinical Trials

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Automation of Cryopreservation (Cell Freezing) AND Cell Thawing is a Reality for PBMCs!

ImmunoSite Technologies and MéCour have partnered to advance the automation of difficult and variable processes for cell handling by improving the quantity and quality of the PBMC yields and viability through automation.  The capability of freezing and thawing PBMC using the precisely controlled freezing rate in the MéCour system, coupled with an automated liquid handler,  facilitates the complete automation of  isolating cells, counting cells, loading the cells into cryovials, and freezing cells with automated precision. The enhanced throughput of cell isolation and handling processes allow larger and more diverse clinical studies.  DOWNLOAD the whitepaper now for all the details.

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