Customers Speak Out

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IST wants to hear from you . . . the good, the bad, and the ugly.


“Our production line kept going down and IST was instrumental in providing us with accurate data quickly so we could troubleshoot and get things back up and running.”


“We are happy with ImmunoSite’s particle testing service, and thankful to your chemists for helping to solve a solution problem and clumping.”


“The data was very useful for us for some troubleshooting aspects we had to deal with in our large aquarium system here.  It was one of those ‘prove that it isn’t this’ concepts that we ran out of instrumentation to perform.  Saved us some major headaches.”


“…good turnaround time on both emails and on testing.  IST provides exactly what we need and you are always helpful.”



“We needed help for DILUTE SOLUTION particle testing since we don’t do it often and didn’t want to invest in an instrument and operator in-house.  We are very happy to have found IST.”


”The particle testing chemists at IST were able to test our samples using a special solvent system that we don’t use and sent us a data report in just days!”


“At first, the prices seemed high, but the turnaround time and service is so great, and you were willing to work out discounts, that it is a great partnership now.”


“The best thing for us is IST’s promptness in everything!”


You may have noticed that names and organizations are witheld from the customer statements above.  This is to protect their privacy, however, if you would like to speak with IST particle testing customers, please contact IST and we will introduce you.

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