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What Do You Seek In A Contract Research Partnership?


In a time of tight budgets and careful examination of the cost/benefit of partnering with a contract research service provider, ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC (IST) offers a rare combination of experience, knowledge, responsiveness, and trustworthiness.  IST knows what clients need to be successful, and how to provide the highest quality in service.  Clients can depend on ImmunoSite Technologies to be the ideal partner that helps accelerate their success without encumbering their resources.

Cost efficiency – As R&D costs escalate, you need a CRO partner that fits well with your business from a cost/value point-of-view, as well as a shared values point-of-view.  IST understands this and is ready to work with you to craft a partnership that works for you from a time, resource, and cost perspective, all the while delivering the results you need.  IST demonstrates value in the services they provide, by getting the work done quickly and on budget without sacrificing quality.

Knowledge and experience – Backed by years in pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostics product development, IST knows the challenges of developing the right assay to get the accuracy, precision and reproducibility needed to succeed.

Compatibility and communication – Essential to a great partnership, is a high level of compatibility and great communications.  IST’s professionals understand this.  You need a team that understands your company and your goals, your particular research objectives and challenges.  You need professionals that will work with you to plan, implement and work through all challenges along the way.  The team at IST has partnered with organizations from around the globe so they know the value of accurate communications and a shared vision to bring creative solutions to fruition, while fostering long-term and productive relationships.

Quality – Outsourcing your assay automation project to a qualified partner like IST is a key strategy for ensuring quality.  In a business where service, precision, accuracy, and timeliness are the key deliverables, IST stands apart by putting the “service” back into the service provider partnership.  Quality is central to their work and the unique value they deliver.  The IST quality system is in compliance with GxP guidelines and international safety and regulatory requirements.

Specialization in assay automation – This is IST’s niche and they provide the unique service that validates the automated assay performance with the client’s samples before the system ever leaves the ImmunoSite Technologies facility.  This offers great peace of mind to their clients who are investing significantly in automation to enhance their productivity, but don’t have the time or people to dedicate to implementing a new automated assay project.  IST has designed and developed automated systems for handling biological specimens from live cells to protein to nucleic acids.  Automation doesn’t have to fill a room to meet your needs.  Engineers at IST are cognizant of space and budget requirements when designing the best system for a client so the solution can be a simple benchtop or hood-sized system.


Explore a partnership with IST

Explore a Partnership With ImmunoSite Technologies

If great service from a dependable, trustworthy, and experienced partner is what you are seeking for your assay automation project, then contact IST now. The technical experts and management team at ImmunoSite Technologies will meet with you to explore the fit between your company, your project needs and IST capabilities.  When it is a great fit, everybody knows.  IST assay automation services

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