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Feasibility study: Improving Cryopreservation of PBMC for More Reliable Information From Clinical Trials

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Advanced automation of PBMC freezing (cryopreservation) and cell thawing improved the quantity and quality of PBMC yields and viability. through a partnership between ImmunoSite Technologies and MéCour.

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Blood, Sweat, and Robots

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Bill Malone wrote a great article for Clinical laboratory News (American Assoc for Clinical Chemistry) that goes straight to the heart of the folklore and  myth surrounding the use of automation in laboratories.  Check out “Blood, Sweat, and Robots.”

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ImmunoSite Technologies Expands into New Spacious Facility in Miramar

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Press Release, February 28, 2013 ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC (IST), a provider of automation, design and customization of complex biological assays to biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries worldwide, announced its relocation to a newly expanded facility at 2831 Corporate Way in Miramar.  With the expansion, the company will be retaining its current employees, making a capital investment […]

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2013 SLAS 2nd Annual Conference & Exhibition

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Executives, Engineers, and Scientists from ImmunoSite Technologies attended the Annual 2013 SLAS meeting in Orlando, Florida and brought back some of the latest technologies to integrate into new automated solutions for biological assay automation that will enhance their client’s productivity even more! Call IST to discuss your automation needs at (888) 770-4478

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Assay Automation Ability - Lyophilized reagents for in vitro whole blood assays

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The need to implement robust biomarkers in clinical trials has never been greater, and such efforts can be easily compromised by reagent instability or simple human error during assay set-up. Many biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are introducing efforts to conduct biomarker studies under more rigorous settings, and the use of plates or tubes pre-loaded with stimulation or staining reagents could be of value for studies that involve flow cytometry.
The value of this approach is that it lends itself to assay automation easily and safeguards against omission or erroneous addition of bulk liquid formulations of PMA and ionomycin to the reaction vessel (i.e., plate or tube) and also lends itself to extended stability/shelf-life of these reagents. On the basis of this initial success, we plan to expand our evaluation of lyophilized reagents so that they can be incorporated into our clinical biomarker campaigns as appropriate.

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Research Poster - Assay Standardization Saves Money

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The identification and application of correlates of immune response can enable significant time and money savings especially in clinical trial settings for vaccine and biologic R&D. To download, please fill in the form below: [email-download download_id="2" contact_form_id="3"]

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What Do You Seek In A Contract Research Partnership?   In a time of tight budgets and careful examination of the cost/benefit of partnering with a contract research service provider, ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC (IST) offers a rare combination of experience, knowledge, responsiveness, and trustworthiness.  IST knows what clients need to be successful, and how to […]

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Validation of Cell-Based Assays in the GLP Setting

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Readers gain an understanding of the details and the high level considerations of assay qualification for difficult cell-based assays. The level of optimization described for cell-based assays lends itself to biomarker assay automation which can be used for biomarker qualification and validation studies to the satisfaction of the FDA, EMEA, and other regulatory agencies.
Cell-based assay platforms covered are flow cytometry, intracellular cytokine ICS, immunophenotyping, elispot, IHC, cylex, neutralization bioassays, and endpoint assays.

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