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Assay Automation Ability - Lyophilized reagents for in vitro whole blood assays

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The need to implement robust biomarkers in clinical trials has never been greater, and such efforts can be easily compromised by reagent instability or simple human error during assay set-up. Many biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are introducing efforts to conduct biomarker studies under more rigorous settings, and the use of plates or tubes pre-loaded with stimulation or staining reagents could be of value for studies that involve flow cytometry.
The value of this approach is that it lends itself to assay automation easily and safeguards against omission or erroneous addition of bulk liquid formulations of PMA and ionomycin to the reaction vessel (i.e., plate or tube) and also lends itself to extended stability/shelf-life of these reagents. On the basis of this initial success, we plan to expand our evaluation of lyophilized reagents so that they can be incorporated into our clinical biomarker campaigns as appropriate.

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ImmunoSite Technologies Allies with Immudex for More Effective T Cell Response Monitoring

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Working together, companies offer enhanced abilities to monitor immunotherapy response in vaccine and drug studies.

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How Useful are Cell Mediated Immunity Assays in Assessing Immune Response or Immunogenicity?

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If, Then

How practical is it to run validated and standardized cellular assays to interrogate biomarker surrogate correlates of immunity in clinical trial settings? Can this be done with any level of confidence in the outcome? Can these assays be performed routinely?

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Special Phacilitate Session on Cell Mediated Immunity

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Dr. Wade E. Bolton, president & CEO of ImmunoSite Technologies, moderated a special session on Cell Mediated Immunity (CMI) at the Phacilitate Vaccine Forum in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, January 25, 2011. Topics included: Do you want standardized assays to interrogate surrogate correlates of immunity? Do you need high-throughput, validated, and automated assays to measure immunogenicity? […]

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