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ImmunoSite Technologies Allies with Immudex for More Effective T Cell Response Monitoring

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Working together, companies offer enhanced abilities to monitor immunotherapy response in vaccine and drug studies.

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Stepping Stones to Success with Drug Treatments for Melanoma

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Recently, it was announced that the Food and Drug Administration has approved a breakthrough cancer medication from Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. that researchers have heralded as the first drug shown to prolong the lives of patients with advanced skin cancer. 

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Validation of Cell-Based Assays in the GLP Setting

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Readers gain an understanding of the details and the high level considerations of assay qualification for difficult cell-based assays. The level of optimization described for cell-based assays lends itself to biomarker assay automation which can be used for biomarker qualification and validation studies to the satisfaction of the FDA, EMEA, and other regulatory agencies.
Cell-based assay platforms covered are flow cytometry, intracellular cytokine ICS, immunophenotyping, elispot, IHC, cylex, neutralization bioassays, and endpoint assays.

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